Solar Tensile Structures

P4P’s patented, PV panel suspension system utilizes tensioned steel cable technology to reduce cost and bring about entirely new solar applications. P4P’s solution incorporates the same tensile structure principles used in thousands of suspension bridges around the world, to suspend solar panels. This approach allows unparalleled versatility, enabling PV arrays to be supported at virtually any height on free spans of up to 100 meters. P4P’s system is ultralight yet designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Low Cost Solution

The use of tensioned cables allows more weight to be supported using less material, creating inherently light, efficient, and cost-effective structures. The nature of the design also requires fewer foundations, reducing the environmental footprint and foundation cost. Cables are self-aligning and can be tensioned quickly with modern hydraulic tools, resulting in a fast and efficient construction process with reduced labor costs.


P4P’s systems have an immediate impact on reducing solar system costs, and at the same time create a bridge to the future where solar installations do more than simply generate electricity. Besides power, solar-shade structures can multiply infrastructure value in mitigating land constraint, water supply and food production issues –as these issues become more urgent. P4P’s unique technology can address multiple sustainability challenges with a single, cost-efficient technology capable of being applied at very large scale.

World’s strongest structures use tensile suspension technology

P4P’s patented casting designs allow for efficient construction

Windflow model demonstrates structural integrity in high winds