P4P is building over canal projects in India.

The Indian canal system stretches for 1000s of kilometers supplying water to India’s agricultural regions. Because fertile crop land is highly valued for food production, as is irrigation water, the Indian government has identified over-canal solar as a solution that can:

  • avoid taking crop land out of production,
  • reduce evaporation of water in the canals
  • provide distributed electric power to villages

P4P’s lightweight suspension system is the only economic solution for solar canal shading.

Over-water PV is estimated to reduce evaporative water loss by as much as 15 million cubic meters annually for each gigawatt of installed capacity. In drought prone areas of the world P4P’s cost-effective over-canal technology provides numerous economic benefits, including:

  • minimal site acquisition costs
  • reduction of transmission costs to support canal pumping load
  • savings of acre-feet of water valued against water production costs, such as desalination plants

In competitive bidding, P4P’s over-canal system has been shown to be 40-50% lighter than rigid structures.

P4P’s over-canal structures are designed to span canals 15 to 100 meters wide, address any canal orientation (N-S to E-W), reside at any desired height above the water and easily cross canals with no intermediate columns (unless in-canal structures are requested). P4P has a virtually unlimited ability to adapt to canal requirements without sacrificing cost-efficiency.

The 1000 km long Sharda Canal in UP, India

P4P Punjab in-canal project under construction

P4P in-canal solar structure providing shade, Punjab, India