In the US alone it is estimated that there are more than 2 million acres of uncovered parking area, representing 200-400 GW of undeveloped of solar parking capacity. To-date, only 1,200 MW of solar carports have been built, primarily due to high structure cost.

Benefits of P4P’s Solar Parking Canopies:

  • Utilizing parking lots avoids taking open land for solar development
  • Shade reduces cooling requirement and UV damage for parked cars
  • Provides an alternative to rooftop solar with roof-age and equipment challenges
  • Solar covered parking helps mitigate urban heat islands
  • P4P’s design adds to the aesthetics of surrounding architecture

P4P reduces carport weight by 25-40%.

Typical rigid-design solar carports must employ costly concrete foundations and structural steel beams to meet building codes for high-wind, snow-load, and seismic survival requirements. P4P’s tensioned cable solar canopies eliminate steel beam “dead load,” substantially reducing overall weight while achieving the necessary strength.

P4P reduces carport cost by reducing materials and construction time.

P4P’s over parking system reduces weight and cost by creating a structural backbone with tensioned cables, requiring fewer upright columns and foundations than a conventional carport. Less weight also means less heavy material handling during construction. Pre-assembly and pre-wiring of the lightweight, spaceframe pods that carry the PV panels facilitate extremely rapid field installation.

P4P parking canopy Los Angeles, CA

P4P parking canopy under construction, Gujarat, India