P4P’s technology is applicable across all conceivable forms of solar installations.

P4P’s solar structures can be built above land, water, or existing infrastructure, allowing energy production to integrate with, rather than change, its environment and provide benefits above and beyond clean energy. Such benefits include large area temperature moderation, evaporation mitigation, enhanced land utilization, and crop growth optimization –among others.

  • Over-agriculture installations can be constructed at any height to allow unimpeded use of farm machinery. By incorporating light-diffusing shade cloth, the system can be optimized for specific crops, extending growing seasons, improving yields and lowering evaporative losses.
  • Over-industrial applications involve suspending PV arrays over industrial equipment, storage yards, settling ponds or brownfield land in areas of valuable commercial/industrial real estate, allowing solar power to be installed in land-constrained areas typically close to load.
  • Over-transportation converts roadways, railways, bike trails and other transportation corridors to solar power gateways, providing power and transmission as well as shade to the surface below.
  • Tough ground-mount designs are intended to provide an economic solution for sites where grading and/or mounting system costs are high. In cases of uneven terrain (including landfill sites), P4P technology is uniquely able to follow terrain features without requiring earthwork. Depending on the nature of the site, P4P’s system may have a significant beneficial impact on project economics.

Rendering of over-agriculture application including shade diffusion cloth

P4P tough ground-mount project, Carbondale, Colorado